College Life

The Xijie Building

The Xijie Building of Tsinghua University is located in the core area of Tsinghua University, which was formed in the early 20th century and is a state-level cultural relic building protection area. Qiuzhen Lectures will be held in here.

The Auditorium

The Auditorium is located at the center of the campus. Nowadays, the Auditorium is mainly used for students’ cultural activities and entertainment, especially the Student Festival.

Tsinghua Xuetang

Of all the buildings constructed during the university’s early days, Tsinghua Xuetang was undoubtedly the first one, which is why it was known as No.1 Building back then. Throughout its long history, Tsinghua Xuetang has seen numerous passers-by.

Tsinghua University Art Museum

On January 7th 2014, the 9th Tsinghua university assembly for the 2013 to 2014 academic year discussed and decided to found Tsinghua University Art Museum(TAM), and officially issued the Notice on the Foundation of Tsinghua University Art Museum.

The Jing Zhai

The Tsinghua Jing Zhai located on Xichun Road in The campus of Tsinghua University. It is only 100 meters away from the Lotus Pond in the Xichun Yuan. This is the first female dormitory building at Tsinghua University, built in 1932, also 90 years old. Now Yau Mathematical Sciences Center is in here.

The Old Gate

This landmark is the famous Old Gate of the Tsinghua Garden, a three-arched white jade gate with a black brick base. First constructed in 1909, the Old Gate served as the main entrance to the then Tsinghua Xuetang (Tsing Hua Imperial College).

The Tsinghua Sundial

The Tsinghua Sundial, a classical timepiece located at the south end of the lawn in front of the school auditorium, was originally a relic of The Old Summer Palace and was dedicated to the Alma mater when the class of 1920 graduated. The lower base of the sundial is inscribed with the words of the Class of 1920: "Actions speak louder than words."