• Yau Mathematical Sciences Leaders Program


    Cultivate leading talents with solid foundations in pure mathematics and theoretical physics to lead the development of basic mathematics and its related applications in the world.


    a. Talents in both mathematics and theoretical physics with profound humanistic vision;
    b. Excellent academic senses and broad scientific horizons;
    c. Having original or leading achievements in basic mathematics or interdisciplinary applied mathematics.

    Academic System and Award of Degrees

    Our 8-year undergraduate-doctor program adopts a “3+2+3” mode. Before starting the autumn semester, candidates have to attend a spring semester’s preparatory study in Tsinghua University. After formal enrollment in autumn, students will first begin their 3-year study in basic courses of mathematics and physics. They can use the 4th and 5th years to find out their research directions. The final 3 years are doctoral studies, during which they will receive training for becoming professional scientists. After finishing the “3+2+3” program, students who meet the innovative achievement requirements of Qiuzhen College, Tsinghua University will be awarded Doctor of Science in Mathematics.

    During the “3+2+3” program, students with excellent academic achievements and having finished doctoral thesis can apply for Doctor of Science in Mathematics in advance, but they have to be evaluated and approved by the College’s Teaching and Training Committee and pass international experts’ evaluations. If students fail to fulfill requirements for a degree in Doctor of Science in Mathematics after finishing doctoral studies, but meet requirements of the first 5-year studies in basic courses of mathematics, physics and scientific training, they can apply for a degree in Bachelor of Science after being evaluated and approved by the College’s Teaching and Training Committee. If students find the program do not fit themselves, and cannot meet the relevant academic requirements, after being evaluated and approved by the College’s Teaching and Training Committee, they will be transferred to Department of Mathematical Sciences for a diversified mathematical undergraduate training (detailed information can be found in Ⅵ).


    For this “3+2+3” program, the total credits are 198, including 18 credits for the preparatory stage, 155 credits for the “3+2” stage, and 25 credits for the “3” doctoral stage. Students who are selected into this program through College Entrance Examination don’t need to go through the preparatory stage, so the total credits for them are 180.

    The General Education module has 45 credits in the “3+2” stage, 9 credits in the “3” doctoral stage. The Professional Education module has 104 credits in the “3+2” stage, 16 credits in the “3” doctoral stage. The Elective Courses module has 6 credits in the “3+2” stage.