• The evolution of Chinese dietary patterns from ancient time -- Starting from the idiom Kuai Zhi Ren Kou (in Chinese 脍炙人口, whose literal meaning is that sliced roasted meat is loved by all people)

    SPEAKER Xudong Hou


    EVENT DATE 17 Apr. 2022

    EVENT TIME 15:30

    VENUE West Lecture Hall


    In this lecture, Prof. Hou Xudong will unveil certain aspects in Chinese dietary patterns from ancient dynasties like Qin and Han to the present via appreciation of artifacts discovered in tombs of Chinese ancient aristocrats and royal families, as well as literary works from a different time. By knowing how these customs in life come and go over time, we may get an insight into why Cantonese people eat like they do today, and more broadly how we should treat history today.

    Brief introduction to the speaker

    Hou Xudong works as a professor of History Department, School of Humanities, Tsinghua University. His research interests lie in the history of Dynasties of Qin, Han, Wei, Jin, and the Northern and Southern Dynasties Period. He also investigates literary records on paper or wooden strips in history.

    His Publications:

    The Daily Life during the Han Dynasty(2022, in production)

    What is the History of Reign over Daily Life(2020)

    Trust from the Emperor(2018)

    A Close Look at the History of Medival China(2015)

    The Life and World of Villagers in Northern Dynasties Period(2005, revised in 2022)

    Blessed by Buddha(1998, 2015, 2018)

    He also published more than 70 academic papers and a number of translation works.