• Mathematics History

    Instructor Shing-Tung Yau, Fields Medallist

    Course number 14760042

    Semester Fall & Spring

    Category Societies, Science & Technology

    Summary In the quest to explore the mysteries of mathematics, we need to stop and look back at this long and vast history to make every step forward more solid and sure. Entering the course of history of Mathematics of Qiuzhen Academy.


    Understanding the history of mathematics is an important part of understanding and learning modern mathematics, improving academic taste and cultivating academic ambition. The course will introduce the history of mathematics, including fundamental problems, key figures, and major developments.

    Brief introduction to the speaker

    For more than 2000 years, every leap in human understanding of the universe and the laws of the universe depends on a better measurement of the distance of more distant celestial bodies. This lecture will review the human method of ranging celestial bodies for 2000 years, and take you from the Earth Moon system to the era of galactic cosmology.