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  • Lectures on History of Science – Lecture 24: Ten stories about Newton – The mystery of the apple and the gravity

    SPEAKER Ling Yi


    EVENT DATE 21 Oct 2022

    EVENT TIME 19:20 – 20:55

    VENUE West Lecture Hall


    This lecture mainly covers the first two stories of my book I am working on Ten Stories about Newton. The story of Newton and the apple has become widely known. However, is this tale a real historical fact? How has it been known and spread out? What exactly does the story tell us? How did Newton discover the Principle of Gravity? Has the mystery of gravitational force been radically revealed by Newton? We are going to shed a light on this world-known yet mysterious scientist – Isaac Newton.

    Brief introduction to the speaker

    Ling Yi, researcher of Institute of High Energy Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences, doctoral supervisor, and professor at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He received his PhD degree in the Pennsylvania State University, and founded an institute of relativistic astrophysics and high energy physics in the University of Nanchang. His research interests include quantum gravity, black hole physics and theoretical high energy physics, etc. Prof. Ling also works as the vice chair of Relativistic Astrophysics Society.