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  • Faddev-Popov gauge fixing

    SPEAKER Nicolai Reshetikhin


    EVENT DATE 2023 05/29 (Mon.)

    EVENT TIME 19:20- 20:55

    VENUE West Lecture Theatre


    Nicolai Reshetikhin is a mathematical physicist working at the interface of quantum field theory, representation theory and geometry.


    This talk is a continuation of the previous presentation where Feynman diagrams were introduced in a simple setting of rapidly oscillating integrals. This time I will assume that the measure and the function which is integrated are invariant under the action of a Lie group(think of unitary or orthogonal matrices). In this case the integral can be computed in two different ways in terms of two different Feynman diagrams. Algebraic proof that these two ways of computing a rapidly oscillating integral gives the same answer is still an open problem.