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  • History of class field theory

    SPEAKER Lecouturier Emmanuel

    organizers 清华大学求真书院

    EVENT DATE 2023.4.10

    EVENT TIME 19:20-20:55

    VENUE West Lecture Theatre


    Lecouturier Emmanuel joined Tsinghua University in 2018, he is an associate Professor at Yau Mathematical Science Center (YMSC). He is working on number theory (modular forms, elliptic curves, L-functions).


    We will give a brief survey on the historical development of class field theory, which is one of the major achievements in number theory in the 20th century. We will start with the famous theorem of Kronecker and Weber on abelian extensions of Q, and see how the subject evolved thanks to the work of Weber, Hilbert, Takagi, Artin, Hasse and Chevalley.