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Qiuzhen College Held Its First Adult Ceremony for Students

On December 10th 2021, the first “Adult Ceremony” of Qiuzhen College was successfully held in the New Tsinghua XueTang. Shing-Tung Yau, Dean of Qiuzhen College; Yuming Wang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Zhijie Qiu, Professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts; Peng Su, Director of the College Management Center; Dejun Zhu, Deputy Director of the College Management Center; Xiaofang Wang, Vice Dean of Qiuzhen College and Deputy Director of the College Management Center; Tao Zhang, Associate Researcher, Chinese Academy of Economics; as well as fellow scholars, counselors and all freshman students of Qiuzhen College participated in the activity. Parents of students joined the ceremony online.



 Scenes of “Adult Ceremony”

At the beginning of the activity, all the teachers and students of Qiuzhen College sang the college song, which kicked off the “Adult Ceremony”. Xiaofang Wang announced a list of 38 students from Qiuzhen College who will reach the age of 18 in 2021. Everyone gathered together and saw the “Adult Ceremony” video.

Chinese traditional cap wearing ceremony and hair pinning ceremony performance

Qiuzhen College pays attention to the influence of traditional Chinese culture on students. This event specially invited members of the Rite and Archery Association in Tsinghua University, together with the student representatives of Qiuzhen College to give ancient Chinese cap wearing ceremony and hair pinning ceremony performances, further enhancing the traditional rituals of the “Adult Ceremony”. Tao Zhang introduced that “The cap wearing ceremony is the beginning of all rites.” As he explained, cap wearing ceremony and hair pinning ceremony are the adult rites for men and women in ancient China. Moreover, the ceremony carries family and society’s sincere teachings and expectations for the new grown-ups. Therefore, engaging in these traditional rites would be a unique cultural experience for the participants that foster better understanding and a sense of responsibility for society.


Yuming Wang delivers a speech

Yuming Wang appreciated this grand, solemn and warm “Adult Ceremony” held by Qiuzhen College, and gave his sincere blessings to the new grown-ups and the future development of all Qiuzhen students in the field of basic science. At the same time, he encouraged students to be well versed in Chinese and Western cultures in order to develop freely and comprehensively in the future. To share his opinions, Yuming Wang wrote a poem on the spot: “Science strives for truth and innovation day by day. Humanity cultivates goodness and beauty”.


Fangrui Zou speaks

Fangrui Zou, a student representative, shared his understanding of “18 years old” in his speech. He said that “18 years old” represents ideals and struggles, the unlimited possibilities of youth, and more importantly, responsibilities and obligations. He called on the students to take the responsibility for developing Chinese mathematics while enjoying the excellent learning environment, love the truth and exploration, run with their dreams, and live a meaningful life.


Shing-Tung Yau delivers a speech

In Professor Yau’s concluding remarks, he first congratulated the students who had reached the age of 18 and thanked the teachers and students who organized this event and the students and friends who participated in the ceremony. Shing-Tung Yau cited a number of historical allusions, starting from the Confucian “ritual-oriented” thinking, and pointed out that the cap wearing ceremony signifies respect for one’s own life and inspiration for students to treat others sincerely in the future. Shing-Tung Yau recalled his childhood experience, exhorting the students to treat others with a sincere attitude and face life with a firm attitude. He hopes that the students will not forget their original aspirations, keep their life goals in mind, strive for ideals, and continue to grow amidst difficulties and setbacks. Reap happiness on the road of pursuing truth and in the career that one loves—only in this way can one realize the meaning of life.

After the infield activities, 38 students passed through the “adult gate” one by one, and Mr. Shing-Tung Yau presented them with commemorative gifts and they took a group photo. Afterward, the teachers and students cut cakes and played games together in an extremely warm atmosphere.


Photo of all teachers and students

Qiuzhen College was established in February 2021, with 87 students admitted in the first year. Due to the special enrollment and selection system of the college, Qiuzhen College features a wide age range for students, while their average age is low. This “Adult Ceremony” activity is designed based on this characteristic and is also an important part of the culture of Qiuzhen College. “A gentleman’s first cap must be a gift.” This activity opens chapters of growth and responsibility, wishes and expectation, struggle and hard work. This ceremony enhances the cohesion of Qiuzhen College and highlights Qiuzhen’s characteristics and culture.

DATEDecember 10, 2021
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