Tsinghua University 2024 YAU Mathematical Sciences Leaders Program Admissions (Third Round-second time)

Tsinghua University will continue to carry out the YAU Mathematical Sciences Leaders Program this year. It recruits middle/high school students from all over the world who have excellent overall quality, outstanding mathematical potential and specialties. We train them continuously from undergraduate to doctoral studies, committing to cultivate future leaders in China who have a solid foundation in mathematics and physics and can lead the development of basic mathematics and related applications in China and the world.

1. Qualification of Applicants

1. Middle/high school students from all over the world who advocate science, have good physical and mental health, have excellent academic performance, show outstanding mathematical potential and expertise, and are determined to engage in scientific research throughout their lives.

2. This round is open to international students, Chinese students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and Chinese students who are studying abroad.

3. Outstanding students from 9th grade to 12th grade equivalent to those in mainland China from third year of middle school to third year of high school.

2. Application Method

Applicants are supposed to register online and fill out the application form in the registration system. Before submitting the application, please print out, sign, scan and upload the application form (no need to mail the application materials).

Application website: After logging in (register before login in for the first time), please select the "丘成桐数学科学领军人才培养计划(第三批次)"( YAU Mathematical Sciences Leaders Program(Third Round)) and submit application materials online according to program requirements.

3. Selection Procedure

1. Preliminary evaluation: Expert group will review the materials submitted by applicants, focusing on comprehensive evaluation of mathematical expertise, academic ability, daily performance, innovation potential, etc. The preliminary evaluation results will be announced in the registration system. The preliminary evaluation results are rated on a scale of excellent, pass, and fail. Applicants who are "excellent" in the preliminary evaluation can directly be recognized as shortlisted; students who are "pass" can participate in the test; students who "fail" cannot participate in subsequent sessions.

2. Test: The test, mainly conducted online, includes subject ability test and professional interview, etc. The specific arrangement will be notified in the registration system.

3. Finalist Identification: The evaluation committee will give finalist identification recommendations based on the preliminary evaluation and the test results, which will strictly follow the standards. The identification finalists will be announced in the registration system after discussion and approval by Tsinghua University admission leadership group, and will be publicized in accordance with relevant requirements. The identification results will take effect after there is no objection to the announcement.

4. Admission confirmation: Applicants who have been shortlisted should confirm as required and claim the Tsinghua University 2024 “YAU Mathematical Sciences Leaders Program” Finalist Certification.

5. Preparatory course training: Applicants who are shortlisted for the " YAU Mathematical Sciences Leaders Program " must, in principle, come to Tsinghua University to receive preparatory course training in the spring semester. During the preparatory period, students' adaptability to university study will be inspected, and admission procedures will be completed after passing the inspection. If you are unable to participate in the preparatory course due to International Mathematical Olympiad selection or other reasons, you can directly go through the admission procedures after receiving the consent of Tsinghua university. The missing learning content in the preparatory course must be made up by other designated corresponding courses after coming to school.

4. Admission Policy

Admission method: Applicants in this round who are shortlisted will be admitted individually according to relevant admission procedures. Specific methods will be notified separately.

5. Schedule

1. From January 10 to January 16, 2024, register online.

2. In late January 2024, applicants check the preliminary results and test arrangements through the registration system.

3. In late January 2024, assessment and identity verification.

4. In the end of January 2024, the finalists will be announced and the finalist certification will be sent.

5. From March to June 2024, students will come to university to receive preparatory training.

6. Other Matters

1. Applications shall provide true and accurate application materials. If there are false contents or concealment of major facts that may have an adverse impact on applicants, their application and shortlisting qualifications will be canceled immediately upon verification; those who have already enrolled will be handled according to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education of China and Tsinghua University.

2. Applications shortlisted for the YAU Mathematical Sciences Leaders Program will study in the program of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (eight-year program). Tuition fees and accommodation fees, etc. shall be based on relevant requirements for students of the same type.

7. Contact Information

Mailing address: Tsinghua University Admissions Office, No. 1, Tsinghuayuan, Haidian District, Beijing (北京市海淀区清华园1号,清华大学招生办公室)

Postal code: 100084

Phone number: 0086-10-62770334/62782051

Fax number: 0086-10-62782061


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January 2024

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