• 2023 YAU Mathematical Sciences Leaders Program Admissions

    Yau Mathematical Sciences Leaders Program (YMSP)

    YMSP is a special 8-year continuous educational program with a strong emphasis on mathematics and physics at Tsinghua University. All students thereof are candidates for the Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics.


    Why YMSP?

    At Qiuzhen, we have two Fields Medalists and a number of international researchers and young scholars, and you will have the opportunity to receive professional and tailor-made guidance from them. These mathematicians include Prof. S.-T. Yau, Prof. Caucher Birkar, Prof. Nicolai Reshetikhin, Prof. Donald Rubin, etc. You may find the entire faculty list at

    While studying mathematics at YMSP, we offer the Mathematics-X interdisciplinary program aiming to create extraordinary academic opportunities in mathematics and related sciences. Currently, the MATH-ECONOMICS Joint PhD Program is offered by Qiuzhen College and the School of Economics and Management (SEM). Qualified students are eligible to select courses in economics and conduct interdisciplinary research with faculty from SEM.

    Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (BIMSA) is a mathematics research institution co-sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Government and Tsinghua University. While pursuing your PhD degree through YMSP, you have the opportunity to work with frontier researchers at BMISA in areas including mathematical physics, computer science, and finance.

    YMSP Curriculum Design

    YMSP's 8-year program can be broken down into 3+2+3. In the first three years, students are dedicated to studying fundamental mathematics and physics; the next two years are for scientific research training; and the last three years are for doctoral-level study.

    While YMSP places great importance on real mathematics education and research, Prof. Yau has started the class "The History of Mathematics," in which he shares the stories of brilliant mathematicians and their contributions to different areas of mathematics. This is an exclusive opportunity for Qiuzhen students to appreciate mathematics from a humanistic perspective.

    Focusing on frontier research, Qiuzhen College provides a wide range of research areas, including Analysis & Differential Equations, Algebra & Number Theory, Geometry & Topology, Probability & Statistics, Theoretical Physics, and Computational & Applied Mathematics for students in their research phase.


    The admission to YMSP is highly selective. Applicants should be in good physical and mental health, have good character, demonstrate excellence in academics, and exhibit great potential in mathematical sciences. International students, Chinese students from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan, and Chinese students who are studying abroad are eligible to apply.

    Online Application Window: December 1-December 15, 2022 (Beijing time).

    Examination: December 20-December 21, 2022 (Beijing time).

    Application Process

    1) Initial review: The application review team will use a holistic approach in their evaluation of every applicant based on the specialties in mathematics, academic performance, and research potential. The result of this review will be posted in the application system. The results will be separated into three categories: excellent, pass, and fail. Applicants who have been categorized as "excellent" will be on the shortlist. Applicants who have been categorized as "pass" will continue participating in comprehensive test(s). Applicants who are not on the above lists failed to enter the next step.

    2) Testing Phase: The testing will include a subject ability exam and an interview. The tests will be conducted online, and the specific arrangement is subject to the notification in the online application system.

    3) Shortlisted: The evaluation committee will carefully evaluate each student based on the application materials and the test results to decide who will be shortlisted. Those who have been shortlisted will be notified through the online application system. If there are any objections to the result, please follow the guidelines to file a complaint. After the objection period has passed, the result will become effective.

    4) Confirmation: Those who have been shortlisted must commit to the program before receiving the "Tsinghua University 2023 'YAU Mathematical Sciences Leaders Program' Official Letter of Admission”.

    5) Preparatory Training: Those who have been shortlisted must participate in the preparatory training in the 2024 spring semester. During this time, students' adaptability to university studies will be reviewed, and admission procedures can only be processed if they pass the preparatory courses. If an applicant is not able to participate due to a reason, participating in the International Mathematical Olympiad, they might be admitted directly after careful review. As a result, substitute courses should be taken after official matriculation.


    1) December 1-December 15, 2022: Complete and submit online application.

    2) Mid-December, 2022: Results of the initial review and the test arrangement will be posted on the application system.

    3) Late-December, 2022: Testing and verification take place.

    4) January 2023: Results of those who have been shortlisted will be posted on the application system and the Shortlist Confirmation Certificate will also be issued.

    5) March-June, 2023: Arrive on campus to attend preparatory training.

    Additional Information:

    1) Tsinghua University attaches great importance to the management of enrollment of this program, and strictly enforces discipline and accountability throughout the application process.

    2) Applicants must ensure that the application information and application materials provided are true and accurate. If the admissions office or certification department verifies that anything in the application is not true, the application, admission or study qualification will be cancelled. Applicants who are found to be in breach of academic ethics, professional ethics, honesty and trustworthiness, etc., will not be admitted or admission/study qualification will be cancelled after this breach has been verified.

    3) For shortlisted students who are studying mathematics and applied mathematics (eight-year system), the tuition and accommodation fees shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant requirements of the same group of students.

    4) In the event of a situation that may affect the admissions examination process due to the epidemic or other factors, the university can adjust the admissions process according to the situation. The right to interpret this admissions process sits with the Admissions Office of Tsinghua University.

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