• Lectures on History of Science – Lecture 25: The Look of Lives – An Overview of the Development of Optical Imaging in Biology

    SPEAKER Ma Pin


    EVENT DATE 28 Oct 2022

    EVENT TIME 19:20 – 20:55

    VENUE West Lecture Hall


    In 1655, a British scientist Robert Hooke published Micrographia based on the world he saw with a microscope, marking the start of cell-scale research into biological phenomena. During the 19th century, the gradually mature optical microscopic imaging played a significant role in biological investigations with the development of electromagnetism and precision manufacturing technology. Due to the surge of new technologies like laser, digital lasers and gene editing,  optical imaging in biology experienced rapid development in the 20th century with various new imaging methods coming out as well as technological and physical limits being broken. Nowadays, optical imaging has become one of the indispensable methods when investigating life sciences. This lecture is a review of the development of optics in the observation of biological phenomena and the opportunities and challenges it comes across in present and future. A wonderful world created by the collisions of physics and life sciences  and of science and art is to be shown to you.

    Brief introduction to the speaker

    Ma Pin graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University in 2014 and got his doctoral degree from Virginia Tech in 2012. He took the postdoctoral position in Washington University in St. Louis from 2012 to 2016. He researches in biological photonic imaging, especially deep-tissue optical imaging. Now he works as the associate professor of Department of Electrical Engineering at Tsinghua University and a doctoral supervisor.