• Lectures on History of Science – Lecture 46: Gravity Rewards the Curious

    SPEAKER Bartłomiej Czech


    EVENT DATE 17 Nov 2023

    EVENT TIME 19:20 - 20:50

    VENUE Room 401,No.2Teaching Building


    Modern developments suggest that gravity is, roughly, an effective theory of quantum entanglement. I will sketch the history of how we got here, emphasizing those moments when focusing on a detail revealed (or could have revealed) a deep truth. The moral of this story is that humans are typically too distracted by current context to see the true significance of what they discover, and therefore you should always just pursue whatever is most interesting to you.

    Bartłomiej Czech

    Bartłomiej Czech is a member in the Institute for Advanced Study Tsinghua University. He is a Polish physicist with an international career and multiple interests. He graduated from Harvard University in chemistry and mathematics in 2002, studied the Chinese culture and history at Fudan University in 2003, then obtained his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009. He has worked and studied in seven countries on three continents. Most recently, he worked at Stanford University and the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, before joining Tsinghua University in 2018.