• History of Class Field Theory(3)

    SPEAKER Zhu Yihang


    EVENT DATE 2023.12.4

    EVENT TIME 19:20 - 20:55

    VENUE VenueSixth Teaching Building 60300(For students registered this course only) Online liveBilibili


    Yihang Zhu is a professor at YMSC, Tsinghua University. He got his PhD from Harvard and worked at Columbia and Maryland before joining Tsinghua. His research interest is in Number theory and automorphic representations.


    Class field theory is one of the greatest achievements in number theory. It culminated in the early 20th century, and has roots all the way back in the work of Gauss; in fact the several aspects of the work of Gauss on number theory are unified by class field theory. We will survey the history of this fascinating and breathtakingly beautiful subject, through the life and work of mainly seven mathematicians from Kronecker to Chevalley. The lecture will be in Chinese.

    类域论是数论中最伟大的成就之一。它在二十世纪早期达到顶点,而它的根源可一直追溯到高斯的工作——事实上高斯关于数论的工作的各个方面在类域论中得到了统一。我们会主要通过七个数学家——从 Kronecker 到 Chevalley ——的生平和工作来介绍这一动人心魄的主题的历史。本讲座将用中文。