• History of the Weil conjectures

    SPEAKER Koji Shimizu


    EVENT DATE Dec. 25, Monday

    EVENT TIME 19:20-20:55

    VENUE Sixth Teaching Building 6C300(For students registered this course only) Online liveBilibili


    Koji Shimizu obtained his Ph.D. at Harvard University and joined YMSC as an assistant professor in Fall of 2022. His main research interests lie in Number Theory and p-adic Geometry.


    Counting points on an algebraic variety over finite fields defines the Hasse-Weil zeta function of the variety. In 1949, Weil proposed three conjectural properties of the Hasse-Weil zeta functions, including an analog of the Riemann Hypothesis. The works of Dwork (1960), Grothendieck (1965), and Deligne (1974) proved the Weil conjectures, and their proof methods have had a huge influence on mathematics. We discuss the history of these fascinating conjectures.