• Leibniz and Modern Mathematics and Physics

    SPEAKER Jürgen Jost


    EVENT DATE 2024.3.25 (Mon)

    EVENT TIME 19:20-20:55

    VENUE Building Hall Lecture Hall


    Director, Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig, Germany. External faculty, Santa Fe Institute for the Sciences of Complexity, USA. Member German National Academy Leopoldina, Academy of Science and Literature Mainz, Saxonian Academy of Science. Interdisciplinary research in Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Biology and Neuroscience, Social Science, History and Philosophy of Science. More than 20 scientific monographs and 500 scientific publications. Advisor of more than 60 PhD students and about 100 postdocs. Many scientific collaborations in China.


    Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz made fundamental contributions to mathematics and physics, including the invention of modern calculus, the binary system, a mechanical computer that could also multiply, the determinant, the principles of the conservation of energy and least action, and so on.