Liu Yu

Assistant professor

Yau Mathematical Science Center, Tsinghua University

Office: Jin Chun Yuan West Bldg.143



Ph.D., Tsinghua University 2010-2014

B.S., Tsinghua University 2014-2019

Work Experience

Assistant professor, YMSC, Tsinghua University 2022.9-present.

Assistant professor, BIMSA, 2021.9-2022.9.

Post doc., YMSC, Max Planck Institute for Mathematicx 2019.10-2021.7


1. The Complex Ball-quotient Structure of the Moduli Space of Certain Sextic Curves (with Yiming Zhong) (October 2021), to appear in Journal of the Mathematical Society of Japan

2. On Abelian Automorphism Groups of Hypersurfaces (April, 2020) Israel J. of Math., Vol. 247 (479-498), 2022

3. Automorphisms and Periods of Cubic Fourfolds (with Radu Laza) (May, 2019) Mathematische Zeitschrift, Vol. 300 (1455-1507), 2022

4. Moduli Spaces of Symmetric Cubic Fourfolds and Locally Symmetric Varieties (with Chenglong Yu) (June 2018) Alg. & Number Theory, Vol. 14, No. 10 (2647–2683) 2020

5. Orbifold Aspects of Certain Occult Period Maps (Nov. 2017) Nagoya Math. J., Vol. 243 (137-156), 2021