Akito Futaki


Yau Mathematical Science Center, Tsinghua University

Office: Jin Chun Yuan West Bldg.244


Personal web page

Research Areas

Differential Geometry

Educational Background

1973 April - 1977 March : University of Tokyo (Bachelor degree).

1977 April - 1979 March : University of Tokyo (Master degree).

1979 April - 1981 March : University of Tokyo (retired before taking Ph.D because of the employment as Lecturer at Chiba University).

1987 March : Ph.D at the University of Tokyo.

Work Experience

1981 April - 1987 March, Lecturer at Chiba University.

1987 April - 1989 May, Assistant Professor at Chiba University.

1989 June - 1996 June, Assistant Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

1996 July - 2012 September, Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

2012 October - 2018 March, Professor at University of Tokyo.

2018 April - present, Professor at Tsinghua University.

Emeritus Professor :

University of Tokyo

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Visiting positions:

1984, August - 1986, July : University of California at Berkeley, Research Associate supported by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

1991, October - 1992, September : Max-Planck Insitut f\"ur Mathematik, visiting member.

1994, August - 1995, May : Mathematical Sciences Research Institute at Berkeley, California supported by Japanese Ministry of Education.

2001, September - 2002, February : Institut des Hautes \'Etudes Scientifiques, visiting member.

2011, September - 2011, October : Tsinghua University, Mathematical Sciences Center, visiting member.

2016, January - 2016, March : Mathematical Sciences Research Institute at Berkeley, California (Simons Visiting Professor).

Honors and Awards

1990 Geometry Prize, Mathematical Society of Japan

2011 Autumn Prize, Mathematical Society of Japan


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