Wei Zhaohui

Assistant professor

Yau Mathematical Science Center, Tsinghua University

Office: Room 135, Building Jinchunyuanwest


Research Interests

Quantum Information Theory, Computational Complexity Theory, Communication Complexity Theory, Quantum Game Theory, Quantum Codes and Fault Tolerant Quantum Computation

Selected Publications

[1] Quantum and Classical Hybrid Generations for Classical Correlations. With Xiaodie Lin and Penghui Yao. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 68, 302 (2021)

[2] Quantifying multipartite quantum entanglement in a semi-device-independent manner. With Lijinzhi Lin. Physical Review A 104, 062433 (2021)

[3] Black-box equivalence checking of quantum circuits by nonlocality. With Weixiao Sun. arXiv:2105.02634

[4] Quantifying Unknown Entanglement by Neural Networks. With Xiaodie Lin and Zhenyu Chen. arXiv:2104.12527

[5] Analytic semi-device-independent entanglement quantification for bipartite quantum states. With Lijinzhi Lin. Physical Review A 103, 032215 (2021)

[6] Experimental Entanglement Quantification for Unknown Quantum States in a Semi-Device-Independent Manner. With Yu Guo, Lijinzhi Lin, Huan Cao, et al. arXiv:2010.09442

[7] Testing multipartite entanglement with Hardy's nonlocality. With Lijinzhi Lin. Physical Review A 101 (5), 052118 (2020)

[8] Completely positive semidefinite rank. With Anupam Prakash, Jamie Sikora, and Antonios Varvitsiotis. Mathematical Programming 171, 397 (2018)

[9] Quantum error-correcting codes for qudit amplitude damping. With Markus Grassl, Linghang Kong, Zhang-Qi Yin, and Bei Zeng. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 64, 4674 (2018)

[10] Quantum game players can have advantage without discord. With Shengyu Zhang. Information and Computation 256, 174 (2017)

[11] Multipartite quantum correlation and communication complexities. With Rahul Jain, Penghui Yao, and Shengyu Zhang. Computational Complexity 26, 199 (2017)

[12] Some upper and lower bounds on PSD-rank. With Troy Lee and Ronald de Wolf. Mathematical Programming 162, 495 (2017)

[13] Minimum dimension of a Hilbert space needed to generate a quantum correlation. With Jamie Sikora and Antonios Varvitsiotis. Physical Review Letters 117, 060401 (2016)

[14] Efficient protocols for generating bipartite classical distributions and quantum states. With Rahul Jain, Yaoyun Shi, and Shengyu Zhang. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory 59, 5171 (2013)

[15] Full characterization of quantum correlated equilibria. With Shengyu Zhang. Quantum Information and Computation 13, 846 (2013)

[16] The LU-LC conjecture is false. With Zhengfeng Ji, Jianxin Chen, and Mingsheng Ying. Quantum Information and Computation 10, 97 (2010)