Yuan Zhou

Associate Professor

Yau Mathematical Science Center, Tsinghua University

Office: Ning Zhai W03


Research Areas

Machine Learning Theory, Operations Research & Management, Theoretical Computer Science


2009 2014 Ph.D. in Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

2005 2009 B.Eng. in Computer Science, Tsinghua University

Work Experience

2021 present Associate Professor, Yau Mathematical Sciences Center & Department of Mathematical Sciences, Tsinghua University

2019 2021 Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

2016 2019 Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, Indiana University at Bloomington

2014 2016 Instructor in Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Department, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

  1. Optimal Policies for Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control with Nonparametric Censored Demands, Boxiao Chen, Yining Wang, Yuan Zhou, Management Science, to appear

  2. Dynamic Pricing and Inventory Control with Fixed Ordering Cost and Incomplete Demand Information, Boxiao Chen, David Simchi-Levi, Yining Wang, Yuan Zhou, Management Science, 68(8), pp. 5684–5703 (2022)

  3. Linear Bandits with Limited Adaptivity and Learning Distributional Optimal Design, Yufei Ruan, Jiaqi Yang, Yuan Zhou, STOC 2021

  4. Optimal Policy for Dynamic Assortment Planning Under Multinomial Logit Models, Xi Chen, Yining Wang, Yuan Zhou, Mathematics of Operations Research, 46–4, pp. 1639–1657 (2021)

  5. Dynamic Assortment Planning Under Nested Logit Models, Xi Chen, Chao Shi, Yining Wang, Yuan Zhou, Production and Operations Management, 30–1, pp. 85–102 (January 2021)

  6. Almost Optimal Model-Free Reinforcement Learning via Reference-Advantage Decomposition, Zihan Zhang, Yuan Zhou, Xiangyang Ji, NeurIPS 2020

  7. Dynamic Assortment Optimization with Changing Contextual Information, Xi Chen, Yining Wang, Yuan Zhou, Journal of Machine Learning Research, 21(216), pp. 1–44 (2020)

  8. Collaborative Top Distribution Identifications with Limited Interaction, Nikolai Karpov, Qin Zhang, Yuan Zhou, FOCS 2020

  9. Root-n-Regret for Learning in Markov Decision Processes with Function Approximation and Low Bellman Rank, Kefan Dong, Jian Peng, Yining Wang, Yuan Zhou, COLT 2020

  10. Collaborative Learning with Limited Interaction: Tight Bounds for Distributed Exploration in Multi-Armed Bandits, Chao Tao, Qin Zhang, Yuan Zhou, FOCS 2019

  11. Nearly Minimax-Optimal Regret for Linearly Parameterized Bandits, Yingkai Li, Yining Wang, Yuan Zhou, COLT 2019

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  20. Approximability and proof complexity, Ryan O’Donnell, Yuan Zhou, SODA 2013

  21. Hypercontractivity, Sum-of-Squares Proofs, and their Applications, Boaz Barak, Fernando Brandao, Aram Harrow, Jonathan Kelner, David Steurer, Yuan Zhou, STOC 2012

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