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Qiuzhen signs Agreement for Joint Ph.D. Students Training with School of Economics andManagement

Fully employing Tsinghua's education and research resources and cultivating leading talents in interdisciplinary subjects, Qiuzhen College (QZC) and the School of Economics and Management (SEM) have entered a partnership agreement to train Ph.D. students jointly.

During the signing ceremony, Prof. Yau first expressed his delight in seeing a critical step forward in the collaboration between QZC and SEM. He noted that mathematics-related subjects, including economics, are a significant source of inspiration for mathematical research. And the mathematics behind important economic research are profound and almost all Nobel Prizes in economics in the past two decades entail a deep mathematical basis. Prof. Yau mentioned that the YAU Mathematical Sciences Talents Program (YMSTP) features a solid instructional plan in the first three undergraduate years. Having mastered the necessary tools, students can choose an area from a wide range of subjects in their graduate studies. Some might stick to pure mathematics, some might pursue theoretical physics, and some can even explore economics upon the completion of the QZC-SEM program. Regardless of the area of research students pursue, they are anticipated to adhere to the philosophy of "learning and doing the real thing" and aspire to grow into world-class scholars who lead the development of academic research in China and the world.

Prof. Chong-En Bai, Dean of SEM, fully echoed Yau's view that mathematics has hugely facilitated economics and said that new progress in economics is often accompanied by the introduction of new mathematical tools, such as in the theories of general equilibrium and Nash equilibrium, whose universal existence is proven through rigorous mathematics. Bai fully recognized Prof. Yau's idea of "cultivating academic-oriented research talents" and hoped that Qiuzhen students would give full play to their strengths by working with the teachers of the SEM and exploring uncharted mathematical tools to advance economic research.

Tsinghua Vice President Bin Yang reviewed the planning of YMSTP and believed this layout surely recruits the most talented students in China. As a result, these students will contribute to mathematics, economics, and beyond in the foreseeable future when they become subject matter experts. Going forward, Bin remarked that such a partnership could be a precursor for more concerted cooperation between QZC and other related institutes.

After the ceremony, the two signatories discussed and elaborated on the joint training program and curriculum design.

The ceremony took place in the Bingsuo Meeting Room of Tsinghua University. Heads of both signatories all attended this event, along with representatives of Qiuzhen College, School of Economics and Management, Graduate Studies, Mathematical Sciences Center, as well as students of Qiuzhen College.

DATEJuly 17, 2022
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