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Qiuzhen Youmu Lecture Series kicks off in Zunyi, Guizhou province

Life at Qiuzhen College consists of occasional, fun off-campus events, including the distinguished one—Youmu Lecture Series. The term Youmu can be traced back to the ancient Chinese poem "Gathering at the Orchid Pavilion," translating to catch glimpses into something. In this context, the Youmu Lecture Series intends to offer middle school students a snapshot into the history of mathematics and the wisdom of celebrated mathematicians, by QZC students touring all parts of China.

Together with QZC Dean Prof. Yau, teachers and students visited Zunyi, kicking off the first Youmu Lecture. During the event, Prof. Yau explained the goals of such a mission trip—demystify and popularize mathematics; explain advanced topics in layman's terms. "It is always important to learn the evolution of mathematics, thereby assimilating into the culture of mathematicians. It evolves just like a vast river," Prof. Yau added.


Following Prof. Yau's opening remark, student representative Zichang Wang lectured on the story of Euler and his contribution to mathematics to local middle school students. From Euler's study path and academic career to the eventual outline of topology and Euler's formula, Wang combined Euler's anecdotes with Wang's academic expertise in topology to lead students to appreciate the elegance of Euler's work.


After the lecture, Wang shared his experiences studying at QZC, where the rich resources and face-to-face communications with academic specialists empower Qiuzhen students to thrive.


DATEJuly 22, 2022
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