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Dean Shing-Tung Yau and the students of Qiuzhen College Communicated with the Five Universities Together

On August 14th, Mr. Shing-Tung Yau, the dean of Qiuzhen College, led some students our college and another 14 undergraduate students from Stanford University, Yale University, MIT, Princeton University, Harvard University and other foreign universities to exchange views in Shantou Welcome Hotel. Long Fei, vice president of Beijing Yanqi Lake Applied Mathematics Research Institute and consultant of Qiuzhen College, Wang Xiaofang, vice president of Qiuzhen College, Lian Wenhao, a researcher of Beijing Yanqi Lake Applied Mathematics Research Institute, Yang Xiaokui, a researcher in Shing-Tung Yau Mathematical Science Center of Tsinghua University and other teachers attended the communicating meeting.


Picture: Communicating meeting site.

The College organized teachers and students to carry out a study tour of Chinese history practice in Shantou. Qiuzhen College students under the guidance of the dean Shing-Tung Yau, respectively visited the Chaoshan History and Cultural Expo Center, Shantou Open Port Culture Gallery, Small Park of Shantou port area and Shantou Science and Technology Museum, in-depth studying and understanding of Chaoshan history and culture, social development and local conditions and customs. And the 13th "Truth-seeking Lectures" was also held in Shantou Jinshan Middle School.

During the meeting, Mr.Yau responded to the students' questions one by one. He introduced in detail the original intention and progress of the course of mathematics history and general education of culture, which is different from other universities at home and abroad, and emphasized the important role of returning to the fundamental in the information age and mathematical understanding of the fundamental logic of new science and technology in the sustainable development of human society. Mr.Yau encouraged students to pursue truth in mathematics, lay a solid theoretical foundation for the future, and make greater contributions to the development of other academic fields of science and technology.


Picture: Mr.Yau responded to the students' questions.

During the activity, Zeng Yunfei, the co-chairman of “The Same Boat of the Five universities” Association and a student of MIT 2026, introduced the purpose of the alliance to Mr.Yau and the teachers and students of Qiuzhen College, and presided over this exchange activity. He Siyuan, a student representative from the grade 2021, also introduced the establishment, development and talent training mechanism of the College to the students of the other five universities. The students of the five universities communicated with each other, taking turns to introduce themselves, and had active communication with each other's professional fields and learning life in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.

At the end of the meeting, Mr.Yau took a group photo with the students of Qiuzhen College and the students of the five universities, and looked forward to more exchanges between the two sides in the future. The College actively establishes various external communication channels to broaden international the communication channels for students, enhance the communication and dialogue with students from foreign universities, help students understand the world, let them understand different cultures and ideas, and cultivate a global vision.


Picture:Zeng Yunfei presided over the communicating meeting.


Picture:He Siyuan introduced Qiuzhen College.


Picture:Hong Yilin spoke in the activity.


Picture:The Group Photo.

Text |“The Same Boat of the Five universities” Association

Typography | Gong Wei

Photography | Wan Xiang

Proofread | Guo Youran

Translation | Gao Xudong

DATEAugust 29, 2023
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