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Qiuzhen College Held the Appointment Ceremony for Lars Andersson as a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Tsinghua University

On May 20, Qiuzhen College held the appointment ceremony for Lars Andersson as a distinguished visiting professor of Tsinghua University, in the Lecture Hall of the Architectural Building. Mr. Shing-Tung Yau, Dean of Qiuzhen College, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Prof. Yitwah Cheung, Associate Dean of Qiuzhen College, presided over the ceremony. Associate Dean Prof. Zhijie Chen and all undergraduate students of the Qiuzhen College attended the appointment ceremony.

The appointment ceremony was held in the Lecture Hall of the Architectural Building

Prof. Andersson is a renowned expert in the field of differential geometry and mathematical physics, and has been awarded the Crafoord Prize and the Dobloug Prize. He once held professorships at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, the University of Miami, and was the Chief Scientist of Geometry and Gravitation at the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics. He is currently a researcher at the Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (BIMSA). Prof. Andersson works on problems in general relativity, mathematical physics and differential geometry, and has contributed to the mathematical analysis of cosmological models, apparent horizons, and self-gravitating elastic bodies. In recognition of the outstanding achievements of Prof. Andersson in his academic field, Tsinghua University appointed Prof. Andersson as a Distinguished Visiting Professor.

Mr. Yau presented Prof. Andersson with the certificate of Honorary Appointment, and expressed his gratitude to Prof. Andersson for accepting the invitation to teach at the Qiuzhen College. He fully affirmed the great contributions of Prof. Andersson in the field of general relativity, and encouraged students of the Qiuzhen College to seek advice from Prof. Andersson, be devoted to studying in this vital field and to blaze a trail of themselves.

Mr. Yau presented Prof. Andersson with a certificate of appointment

Prof. Andersson delivered a speech upon acceptance of the appointment. He expressed his gratitude to Tsinghua University and the Qiuzhen College. From his perspective, he was deeply impressed by the academic rigor and proactive attitude of both teachers and students at the Qiuzhen College. In addition, he expressed his wishes of collaborating with young students and contributing to the cultivation of a new generation of young scholars with academic dreams.

Prof. Andersson delivered a speech

At present, Prof. Andersson teaches two courses at the Qiuzhen College, namely, General Relativity for graduate students and Electrodynamics for undergraduates. In addition, Prof. Andersson serves as an academic advisor for senior undergraduates, offering guidance on course selection and academic planning.

DATEJune 6, 2024
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