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Qiuzhen College Held the Appointment Ceremony for Sergio Cecotti as a Visiting Professor of THU

On May 24, Qiuzhen College held the appointment ceremony for Sergio Cecotti as a visiting professor of Tsinghua University, in Room 102 of Shunde Building. Mr. Shing-Tung Yau, Dean of Qiuzhen College, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Prof. Yitwah Cheung, Associate Dean of Qiuzhen College, presided over the ceremony. Students of Qiuzhen College who took Prof. Cecotti’s course of Statistical Mechanics attended the ceremony.

The appointment ceremony was held in Room 102 of Shunde Building

Mr. Yau presented Prof. Cecotti with the certificate of Honorary Appointment. He expressed his gratitude to Prof. Cecotti for accepting the invitation to teach at the Qiuzhen College. From his perspective, Prof. Cecotti is an outstanding physicist who has made significant contributions to the field of physics. He is glad to have Prof. Cecotti come to teach at the Qiuzhen College, and he believes that for the students, this is a precious and vital opportunity to learn from a master. He encouraged the students to seek advice from Prof. Cecotti and work hard to learn physics.

Mr. Yau presented Prof. Cecotti with a certificate of appointment

Professor Cecotti delivered a speech upon acceptance of the appointment. He expressed his gratitude to Qiuzhen College for organizing this simple and warm appointment ceremony. From his perspective, it would be a wonderful experience to teach and communicate with students at Tsinghua University. He also remarked that as a physics researcher, it would be the biggest and most intriguing challenge for him to strike a balance among varying methods of thinking and verification in the fields of mathematics and physics when facing a group of young students who are highly accomplished in mathematics, and to be recognized by them. He is glad to accept this challenge and looks forward to constantly exploring the nature and charm of physics with students at the Qiuzhen College.

Prof. Cecotti delivered a speech

Prof. Cecotti is a renowned Italian mathematician and physicist. He is a professor at Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications. He was once a professor at the International School of Advanced Studies in Trieste, Italy, and has worked at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), Harvard University, CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) and ICTP (The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics), and the International School for Advanced Studies in Italy.

Prof. Cecotti is mainly engaged in the study of the application of geometric and algebraic methods to problems in quantum field theory, string theory, and quantum gravity, and has made significant research achievements. At present, Prof. Cecotti teaches two courses for undergraduate students at the Qiuzhen College, namely, Classical Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics.

DATEJune 11, 2024
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