The DonovaThe Donovan-Wemyss Conjecture via the Derived Auslander-Iyama Correspondence

Time: Fri. 16:00-17:00, Oct.7, 2022

Venue:Ning Zhai, W11 Zoom ID: 276 366 7254;PW: YMSC

Organizer:Will Donovan, Penghui Li, Peng Shan, Changjian Su

Speaker:Gustavo Jasso (Lunds universitet)

The DonovaThe Donovan-Wemyss Conjecture via the Derived Auslander-Iyama Correspondence


The Donovan-Wemyss Conjecture predicts that the isomorphism type of an isolated compound Du Val singularity R that admits a crepant resolution is completely determined by the derived-equivalence class of any of its contraction algebras. Crucial results of August and Hua-Keller reduced the conjecture to the question of whether the singularity category of R admits a unique DG enhancement. I will explain, based on an observation by Bernhard Keller, how the conjecture follows from a recent theorem of Fernando Muro and myself that we call the Derived Auslander-Iyama Correspondence.


Gustavo Jasso is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics at Lund University. He obtained his PhD from Nagoya University in 2014 under the supervision of Osamu Iyama and received the ICRA award in 2018. His research interest include representation theory of quivers and algebras, homological algebra and applications of higher category theory to these and related subjects.

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DATEOctober 5, 2022
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