Random conductance models with stable-like long range jumps

Time:Wed., 9:50 - 11:30 am., Nov.30, 2022

Venue:Tencent Meeting ID : 355-023-8301

Speaker:Chen Xin, SJTU Wang Jian, Fujian Normal University


In this talk, we consider random conductance models with stable-like long range jumps, and obtain the quenched invariance principle (QIP) and a quantitative version of stochastic homogenization for the scaled random walks with explicit polynomial rates up to logarithmic corrections.For QIP, we utilize probabilistic potential theory for the corresponding jump processes, and two essential ingredients of our proof are the tightness estimate and the Hölder regularity of caloric functions for non-elliptic stable-like processes on graphs.On the other hand, the proof of quantitative homogenization result is based on energy estimates of the localized corrector and multi-scale Poincarein equalities for non-local Dirichlet forms.




DATENovember 30, 2022
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