Quadratic conductor formulas for motivic spectra

Time: 2022-12-19 Mon 15:30-17:00

Venue:Zoom: 537 192 5549(PW: BIMSA)

Organizer:Jie Wu, Nanjun Yang, Jingyan Li

Speaker:Enlin Yang Peking University


We use the machinery of A1-homotopy theory to study the geometric ramification theory. We define the quadratic Artin conductor for a motivic spectrum on a smooth proper curve and obtain a quadratic refinement of the classical Grothendieck-Ogg-Shafarevich formula. Then we use the non-acyclicity class to formulate a quadratic conductor formula. In some sense, we obtain a quadratic version of Bloch’s conductor formula. This is joint work with Fangzhou Jin.

DATEDecember 19, 2022
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