Emergence and breakdown of semiclassical picture in quasiparticle excited states

Time:2023-05-31 Wed 14:30-16:30

Venue:Venue: A3-2-201 ZOOM: 864 6244 4718(PW: BIMSA)

Organizer:Hongfei Shu, Hao Zou, Ruidong Zhu

Speaker:Jiaju Zhang Tianjin University


Quasiparticles are collective modes in many-body systems that can mimic semiclassical particles under some circumstances. I will talk about the emergence of semiclassical features in quasiparticle states of quantum chains using two quantum information quantities: entanglement entropy and subsystem distance. I will also demonstrate how the semiclassical description fails for a different measure, Shannon entropy.

DATEMay 31, 2023
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