From kinetic flocking model of Cucker-Smale type to self-organized hydrodynamic model

Time:6月1日星期四 16:00-17:00

Venue:Lecture Hall, Floor 3, Jin Chun Yuan West Building


Speaker:张腾飞 中国地质大学(武汉)


In this talk, I will discuss our recent results on the hydrodynamic limit problem for a kinetic flocking model of Cucker-Smale type. Using the Cucker-Smale model as an example, we develop systematically a GCI-based expansion method, and micro-macro decomposition on the dual space, to justify the limits to the macroscopic system, a non-Euler type hyperbolic system. We believe our method has widely application in the collective motions and active particle systems. This is a joint work with Prof. Ning JIANG and Prof. Yi-Long LUO.



DATEJune 1, 2023
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