Contractible 3-manifolds and Positive scalar curvature 2 | BIMSA-BlT Differential Geometry Seminar

Time:2024-06-12 Wed 15:00-17:00

Venue:Zoom: 435 529 7909 BIMSA;北京理工大学 中关村校区,研究生楼106

Organizer:Chao Qian, Kotaro Kawai

Speaker:Jian WangJames H. Simons Instructor, Stony Brook University


In this lecture, we wil study contractible 3-manifolds and its relationship with positive scalarcurvature. For example, Whitehead manifold is a contractible 3-manifold, but not homomorphic to3-dimensional Euclidean space. We will give a proof that Whitehead manifold does not have a acomplete metric with positive scalar curvature.

Lecture 1: We will focus on the construction of contractible 3-manifold and its topological propertiesParticularly, we will describe the topology at infinity of contractible 3-manifolds and its relationshipwith knot theory.

Lecture 2: We will study the existence of positive scalar curvature metric on contractible 3-manifold.

Especially, we will talk about how positive scalar curvature effects the topology at infinity.

DATEJune 11, 2024
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