Non-Holomorphic Cycles and Non-BPs Black Branes | BIMSA-Tsinghua String SeminarBIMSA

Time:2024-06-11 Tue 12:00-13:00


Organizer:Fengjun Xu, Wei Cui

Speaker:Artan Sheshmani

Speaker Intro

Artan Sheshmani is a Professor of pure Mathematics, specialized inAlgebraic geometry, Enumerative and Derived Geometry, and Mathematics ofString Theory. He is a Professor at Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications inBeiling, and a senior personnel (Professor) at Simons Collaboration Program on Homological Mirrol!Symmetry ( Harvard University Center for Mathematical Sciences and Applications), and an AfiliateFaculty Member at Harvard University- MlT lAiFi (lnstitute for Artificial Intelligence andFundamental lnteractions). Between 2020 and 2023, he jointly held the visiting professor position atInstitute for the Mathematical Sciences of the Americas at University of Miami, where he was part ofthe research collaboration program on "Hodge theory and its applications". During the past 5 yearswhile at Harvard CMSA he was also a visiting professor at Harvard Physics department (20202022), and an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Institut for Mathematik (formerly the Centefor Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces) at Aarhus University in Denmark (2016-2022). His workis mainly focused on Gromov Witten theory, Donaldson Thomas theory, Calabi-Yau geometriesand mathematical aspects of String theory. He studies geometry of moduli spaces of sheaves andcurves on Calabi Yau spaces, some of which arise in the study of mathematics of string theory. inhis research he has worked on understanding dualities between geometry of such moduli spacesover complex varieties of dimension 2.3,4 and currently he is working on extension of theseprojects from derived geometry and geometric representation theory point of view. in ioint work withShing-Tung Yau (BlMSA, YMsC, Tsinghua, Harvard Math, Harvard CMSA, and Harvard Physicsdepartments), Cody Long (Harvard Physics), and Cumrun Vafa (Harvard Math and Physicsdepartments) he worked on geometry moduli spaces of sheaves with non-homolomorphic supporand their associated non-BPS (non-holomorphic) counting invariants. in 2019 he was one of the 30winners of the lRFD "Research Leader" grant (approx 1M USD) on his project "Embeddedsurfaces, dualities and quantum number theory". The project was additionally co-financed byHarvard University CMSA and Aarhus University (Approx total. 400K USD). Detail of IRFDResearch Leader" grant:

DATEJune 10, 2024
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