The geometry of k-Ricci curvature and a Monge-Ampere equation

Time:2022.06.02, 11:00-12:00

Venue:Zoom Meeting ID: 271 534 5558 Passcode: YMSC

Organizer:Prof.Ni Lei(UCSD)

Speaker:Prof.Ni Lei(UCSD)

Organizer:Yau Mathematical Sciences Center


The k-Ricci curvature interpolates between the Ricci curvature and holomorphic sectional curvature. For the positive case, a recent result asserts that the compact Kaehler manifolds with positive k-Ricci are projective and rationally connected. This generalizes the previous results of Campana, Kollar-Miyaoka-Mori for the Fano case and the Heirer-Wong and Yang for holomorphic sectional curvature case. For the negative case, all compact Kaehler manifolds with negative k-Ricci admit a Kaehler-Einstein metric with negative scalar curvature.

DATEJune 1, 2022
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