History of Adams and other Cambridge mathematicians

Time:2022.11.14 (Monday) 19:20-20:55

Venue:West Lecture Theatre

Organizer:Qiuzhen College, Tsinghua University

Speaker:Siu-Pro Lam


Siu-Pro Lam, a former graduate student of Prof J. Frank Adams, with research interests in Unstable Algebras over the Steenrod Algebra, Representation theory of Compact Lie Groups and Equivariant K-Theory.


Steenrod proposed the problem of realizing algebras as the cohomology algebras of topological spaces. This problem is hard. The solution is obtained through the works of many algebraic topologists over nearly 5 decades. Our aim is to give a report on the contribution on the algebraic side of the works by various Cambridge mathematicians in various period.

DATENovember 14, 2022
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