Lectures on History of Science – Lecture 20: Superconductivity: A Century of Exploration

Time:16 Sep 2022 19:20 – 20:55

Venue:West Lecture Hall

Speaker:Luo Huiqian


Superconductivity, as a macroscopic phenomenon of quantum condensation, is one of the cutting-edge basic research topics in condensed matter physics. It is of great importance for fields such as energy industry, scientific research, medical treatment and communication due to the “magic” properties superconductor shows, including zero resistance and complete diamagnetism. Numerous scientists have made prominent progress during a century of investigation into superconductivity, especially iron-based superconductors (FeSC) on the field of which China has achieved the world-leading level. Recently, it is believed that the mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity will be unveiled based on our understanding of FeSC, and leads us to the discovery of room-temp superconductivity. The application of superconductors will bring radical changes to the field of physics and human society.

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DATESeptember 16, 2022
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