From condensed matter theory to sub-wavelength physics

Time:16:00-17:00 pm, Friday

Venue:Zoom: ID 4552601552;PW: YMSC

Speaker:Prof. Habib Ammari, ETH Zürich


The ability to manipulate and control waves at scales much smaller than their wavelengths is revolutionizing nanotechnology. The speaker will present a mathematical framework for this emerging field of physics and elucidate its duality with condensed matter theory.

About Speaker

Habib Ammari is a Professor of Applied Mathematics at ETH Zürich. Habib Ammari is a world leading expert in wave propagation phenomena in complex media, mathematical modelling in photonics and phononics, and mathematical biomedical imaging. He has published more than two hundred research papers, eight high profile research-oriented books and edited eight books on contemporary issues in applied mathematics. Habib Ammari has been a fellow of the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts since 2015 and of the European Academy of Sciences since 2018. Since 2021, he has been also fellow of the American Mathematical Society (2022 Class) and the Academia Europaea .

DATENovember 18, 2022
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