Problem Solving Seminar

Time:2.21~6.10 (Thurs.13:30-15:05 /Fri. 15:20-16:55)

Venue:6A118, No.6 Teaching Building & Zoom Meeting ID:839 3634 9643, Passcode: 127097

Organizer:Cezar Lupu, Si Li

Speaker:Cezar Lupu, Si Li

Note:Due to the COVID-19,the course will be delivered via zoom.

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This course (YMSC-Problem Solving Seminar) teaches important skills in problem solving that are not taught in a systematic way in any other course. These skills are extremely valuable in preparing students for jobs and for graduate-level research. The teaching style will be a mixture of a lecture and a problem-solving session. Training will involve the study of problems from previous Putnam competitions, for which this course can be regarded as a useful preparation. An attempt will be made to look for unifying mathematical ideas. General strategies for solving problems will also be discussed.

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DATEJune 1, 2022
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