Teichmuller spaces of negatively curved metrics

Time:2022.2.21~5.13 (Tues. /Thurs. ) 9:50-11:25

Venue:近春西楼第一会议室 Conference Room 1





The Teichmuller space of all negatively curved metrics for a high dimensional closed manifold M is defined to be the quotient of the space of all negatively curved metrics on M by the group of all self-diffeomorphisms of M which are homotopic to the identity. Different from the 2 dimensional case, these Teichmuller spaces for higher dimensional manifolds are not contractible in general. This course is aim at introducing the homotopy theory for Teichmuller spaces of negatively curved metrics on high dimensional manifolds and some related open problems.

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Elementary algebraic topology, differentiable topology and differential geometry

DATEMarch 14, 2022
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