Topics in random matrix theory

Time:Wed./Fri., 13:30-15:05,Sept.13-Dec.2,2022

Venue:Conference Room 3,Jin Chun Yuan West Bldg.;Tencent ID:615-0642-7295

Speaker:Yang Fan (M)


This course will give a brief introduction to random matrix theory. Some topics we plan to cover are: Wigner semicircle law, the moment method, the resolvent method, invariant ensembles, Wigner matrices, sample covariance matrices, bulk universality, edge universality, rigidity of eigenvalues, Dyson Brownian motion, Tracy-Widom law, and free probability.


Probability, Stochastic Processes


(1) A Dynamical Approach to Random Matrix, by László Erdös and Horng-Tzer Yau.

(2) Topics in random matrix theory, by Terence Tao.

DATEAugust 29, 2022
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