Exactly Solved Models in Statistical Mechanics

Time:2023-10-11 ~ 2023-12-29 Wed,Fri 13:30-15:05

Venue:A3-4-101 Zoom: 293 812 9202 (PW: BIMSA)

Speaker:Andrii Liashyk (Assistant Professor)


The course intends to provide an introduction to the theory of integrable lattice models. Basic examples are the two-dimensional Ising model in a zero magnetic field, the six-vertex model, as well as related two-dimensional models and spin chains.

It is planned to explain with simple model examples the concept of matrix transfer, duality between high and low temperatures, the concept of lattice operators of order and disorder, the star-triangle equation, the Yang-Baxter equation, and connected algebraic structures. One of the main topics I would like to try to explain is diagonalization of the Hamiltonian (matrix transfer) in the ansatz Bethe.

Lecturer Intro

Andrii Liashyk is a researcher in the field of integrated systems, mainly quantum ones. He received his degree from the Center for Advanced Study at Skoltech in 2020. In 2022 he joined BIMSA as a Assistant Professor.

DATEOctober 11, 2023
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