Introduction to Quantum Computation

Time:10:40 - 12:15, Fri, 9/16/2022 - 11/25/2022

Venue:Venue: 1118 Zoom: 242 742 6089 PW: BIMSA

Speaker:Babak Haghighat (Associate Professor)

Record: Yes

Level: Graduate

Language: English


Quantum Mechanics, Linear Algebra


In this course, I present a self-consistent review of fault-tolerant quantum computation using the surface code. The course covers everything required to understand topological fault-tolerant quantum computation, ranging from the definition of the surface code to topological quantum error correction and topological operations on the surface code. In the process, basic concepts and powerful tools, such as universal quantum computation, quantum algorithms, stabilizer formalism, and measurement-based quantum computation, are also introduced.

Lecturer Intro

Associate Professor, research interests are string theory, quantum field theory and topological field theory.

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TA: Dr. Wei Cui,

DATESeptember 9, 2022
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