Minicourse on the Hodge conjecture


Venue:Lecture Hall, Floor 3 Jin Chun Yuan West Bldg Tencent Meeting ID: 579 9724 2693

Speaker:James Lewis University of Alberta, Canada


Lecture 1. May 16 (09:50-11:25)

Lecture 2. May 17 (09:50-11:25)

Lecture 3. May 19 (09:50-11:25)

Lecture 4. May 22 (15:20-16:55)

Lecture 5. May 23 (09:50-11:25)

Lecture 6. May 24 (09:50-11:25)

Lecture 7. May 26 (09:50-11:25)

Lecture 8. May 29 (15:20-16:55)

Lecture 9. May 30 (09:50-11:25)


Research Areas

Algebraic Geometry, Algebraic Cycles

Research Interests

Regulators and the arithmetic and geometry of algebraic cycles

Personal Website

Course Description

✔ Introduction

✔ Formalism of mixed Hodge structures

✔ The Hodge conjecture

✔ Milnor's K-theory, algebraic de Rham cohomology theory and de Rham cycle class map

✔ Deligne's absolute Hodge cycles and a recent work of C. Voisin

DATEMay 16, 2023
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