Shing-Tung Yau

Dean of Qiuzhen College

We believe you will find your unique potential at Qiuzhen College!

Mathematical Events

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  • Introducing the ICCM Creative Undergraduate Thesis Award

  • Qiuzhen Youmu Lecture Series kicks off in Zunyi, Guizhou province

  • Qiuzhen signs Agreement for Joint Ph.D. Students Training with School of Economics andManagement


GE Lectures

Lectures on History of Science – Lecture 25: The Look of Lives – An Overview of the Development of Optical Imaging in Biology
Lectures on History of Science – Lecture 24: Ten stories about Newton – The mystery of the apple and the gravity
Lectures on History of Science – Lecture 23: Gravitational-wave detector: An instrument for macroscopic quantum effects
Lectures on History of Science – Lecture 22: Wonders beyond sky – the development of cosmology in modern times



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college life

  • Campus Gallery

    Come to Qiuzhen! Come to Tsinghua!

  • Sport Clubs

    Exercise can keep health and temper the wil

  • Chinese History Study Tours

    Students set foot in cities rich with history, learning about the Chinese nation and appreciating invaluable gems of Chinese culture.