Generalized complexity and Mukai’s type conjecture.

Time:Thur.,15:30-16:30, Dec.15, 2022

Venue: Venue / 地点 Zoom ID: 455 260 1552; PW: YMSC

Organizer:Caucher Birkar,曲三太, 陈炳仪

Speaker:Yoshinori Gongyo (The University of Tokyo)


We discuss some variants of Mukai’s conjecture for the characterization of projective spaces. We discuss the relation of the complexity of generalized pairs and such kind conjectures. I will talk based on the joint work with Joaquin Moraga.


Yoshinori Gongyo is an Associate Professor of Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, the University of Tokyo. Research interests: Algebraic Geometry and Complex Geometry.


DATEDecember 15, 2022
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