Morrison-Kawamata cone conjecture for Calabi-Yau fiber spaces

Time:Thu., 15:30-16:30, Jan 12, 2023

Venue:Zoom Meeting ID: 455 260 1552 Passcode: YMSC

Organizer:Caucher Birkar,曲三太, 陈炳仪

Speaker:Zhan Li (Southern University of Science and Technology)


In this talk, I will explain the relationship between the Morrison-Kawamata cone conjecture for Calabi-Yau fiber spaces and the existence of Shokurov polytopes. For K3 fibrations, this enables us to establish the existence of (weak) fundamental domains for movable cones. This is joint work with Hang Zhao.


李展, 南方科技大学助理教授,研究方向为代数几何,特别是双有理几何。2014年博士毕业于罗格斯大学,导师为Lev Borisov教授。2014-2015在霍普金斯大学跟随代数几何大师Shokurov教授做博士后研究,2015-2018进入北京国际数学中心跟著名代数几何学家许晨阳教授做博士后研究,2018年入职南科大。在双有理几何方面做出了系列重要结果。

DATEJanuary 12, 2023
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