2022 Spring Quantum Teichmüller theory

Time:2022.4.2(Sat.)/4.6~6.24 (Mon./ Wed. ) 9:50-11:25

Venue:Zoom Meeting ID: 4552601552 Passcode: YMSC

Organizer:Dylan Allegretti

Speaker:Dylan Allegretti



The Teichmüller space of a surface is a fundamental construction in low-dimensional geometry and topology. It is a space parametrizing hyperbolic structures on the surface up to isotopy. The goal of quantum Teichmüller is to construct a quantum deformation of the algebra of functions on the classical Teichmüller space. This course will give an introduction to these ideas and their applications in mathematical physics.


Basic differential geometry and algebraic topology

DATEMarch 14, 2022
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