Outline of Research Direction

PI: Jinsong Wu

The analysis group has a wide range of interests, including functional analysis, harmonic analysis, (partial) differential equations, dynamical systems, and ergodic theory. We are particularly fascinated by the connections between classical analysis and the quantum world, such as quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, and quantum information. One of our group members has initiated research on Quantum Fourier analysis, which establishes a link between Fourier analysis and quantum symmetries. We anticipate discovering even deeper intrinsic connections between analysis and other fields in the future. We find that quantum Fourier analysis has applications in unitary categorification and subfactorization. There is also a theoretical connection between quantum Fourier analysis and quantum error correction, where it might aid in designing efficient error-correcting codes for mixed states in quantum information.

Research Team

Name Title Research Direction
Zaijiu Shang Professor
Jinsong Wu Professor
Erjuan Fu Assistant Professor
Zhuofeng He Assistant Professor
Long Jin Assistant Professor
Sixu Liu Assistant Professor
Yurii Lyubarskii Visiting Professor
Mengda Lei Postdoc
Weili Zhang Postdoc
Qi Hou Postdoc
Xianliang Zhang Postdoc
Ying He Postdoc
Qi Zhang Postdoc
Lingda Xu Postdoc
Zhuo Liu Postdoc
Houwang Li Postdoc

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