Outline of Research Direction

PI: Stephen Shing-Toung Yau

In terms of bioinformatics, our group has realized the description of genome sequence from a geometric perspective, created the natural vector method, and applied it to the traceability research of COVID-19, and concluded that the origin of COVID-19 is highly unlikely to be China. In cybernetics, the classification of finite dimension maximum rank estimation algebra is completed, the corresponding Yau filtering system is constructed, a general Yau-Yau real-time filtering framework is proposed, and the relationship between cyclic neural network and finite dimension filtering is established for the first time. Published over 400 academic papers, including top mathematical journals such as PNAS, Ann. of Math., and Invent. Math.

Research Team

Name Title Research Direction
Stephen Shing-Toung Yau Professor
Xiaopei Jiao Postdoc

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