Outline of Research Direction

PI: Fei Long

Digital Economy is the product of the collision and integration of digital science and economic society. Digital science and knowledge are leading application technologies of the information age, and economic activities are the foundation of all human social activities, making their collision and integration drive far-reaching transformativechanges of economic paradigms and the development of human society. Studies of Digital Economy have profound theoretical values and provide people insightful practical implications as well. The DEL has decided to promote research and practice in the field of Digital Economy from multiple dimensions including basic theoretical investigation, think tank studies, and business incubation, trying to explore the cooperation mode of research and practice on many important topics such as digital industry, digital region, digital business, and digital governance. The DEL is a rapidly developing research team with enterprising spirits, which currently includes 5 researchers. The research on Data Elements and Digital Asset Transactions Based On Web3.0 has been successfully completed and prepared to enter the incubation stage. Research topics such as Financial Data Management, Big Data and Digital Credit System Construction, Digital Government Affairs and Governance Innovation Research, Quantitative Trading Strategy and Platform Development, and Digital Currency Risk Analysis have been carried out and promoted orderly. In addition, the DEL releases the China Digital Economy Index every year, and plans to release the Digital Empowerment Index of China's Listed Companies, the RMB Exchange Rate Index, etc.

Research Team

Name Title Research Direction
Ke Tang Professor
Liyan Han Professor
Zhicheng Wang Professor
Fei Long Professor
Qingfu Liu Professor
Zhen Li Assistant Professor
Yiye Liu Visiting Scholar

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