Outline of Research Direction

PI: Zhengwei Liu

Prof. Liu Zhengwei's team is engaged in the research of quantum information and quantum computing, and applies cutting-edge mathematical theories to the research of quantum theory. Among them, the core theories of quantum error correction, quantum algorithm, quantum machine learning, quantum complexity, and quantum programming language are the key research objects of the team. At present, the team has established a new mathematical graphics language Quon based on quantum topology, quantum algebra, quantum Fourier analysis and other frontier mathematical theories to study quantum information, and proposed a new quantum communication protocol and quantum error-correcting code design based on this language plan. In the next three years, the team plans to further study quantum complexity and propose new quantum algorithms combined with quantum machine learning theory.

Research Team

Name Title Research Direction
Jinsong Wu Professor
Zhengwei Liu Professor
Yishuai Niu Associate Professor
Zheyan Wan Assistant Professor
Yu Wang Assistant Professor
Linzhe Huang Assistant Professor
Hanru Jiang Assistant Professor
Meng Cao Assistant Professor
Zhaohui Wei Assistant Professor
Hao Dai Assistant Professor
Yilong Wang Assistant Professor
Song Cheng Assistant Professor
Sebastien Palcoux Assistant Professor
Yi Liu Postdoc
Fengjun Xu Postdoc
Kun Zhou Postdoc
Sheng Tan Postdoc
Shuang Ming Postdoc

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