Outline of Research Direction

PI: Jintai Ding

In July 2022, the Crystal-Kyber algorithm that Professor Ding Jintai participated in the research was successfully selected for the first batch of anti-quantum cryptography standards of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Currently, in Kybe, one of the two core patents authorized by NIST, was invented and owned by Professor Ding Jintai. At the same time, the "Rainbow" signature algorithm that Professor Ding is mainly responsible for was selected for the final list of NIST's third round of quantum cryptography standards. The team cracked the GeMSS candidate algorithm, which was also selected by NIST in the third round, and the paper published based on this achievement won the Best Paper Award on the world's top cryptography conference - CRYPTO 2021. In the past two years, the team has undertaken one project for the 14th Five-Year National Key Research and Development Program, one project for the National Key Research and Development Program for Young Scientists, and one project for the Beijing Natural Science Foundation. The team has applied for more than ten national invention patents in the past two years. Also, the team cooperated with Ke Tang, a researcher at BIMSA, to release a new generation of key technologies for data confirmation and transactions, providing an effective solution for large-scale data transactions.

Research Team

Name Title Research Direction
Jintai Ding Professor
Chengdong Tao Associate Professor
Bei Liang Assistant Professor
Yingjie Zhang Postdoc
Dongyu Wu Postdoc
Xiaojun Yan Postdoc
Peigen Li Postdoc
Fei Meng Postdoc

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